Caron Bowman

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Automatic Drawing 

The Surrealists embraced automatic drawing as way to incorporate randomness and the subconscious into their drawings, and to free themselves from artistic conventions and everyday thinking.

The technique, for me is a way in to access meaning and information unavailable through the traditional conscious mind. However, it involves a two-fold process of unconscious and conscious activity for optimum artistic development particularly in the beginning . This style of drawing requires  a lot of dedication in order to fuse the unconscious and conscious mind.   Over time, the two states of consciousness  became nearly seamless which  created my  unique style.

When I first began drawing as a child my goal was to make my images more and more realistic. But in time I became bored and restless, I began to realize it was more challenging to create abstract images from my self-conscious than reality.  The forms in the beginning were very geometric utilizing  squares, triangles, straight and jagged lines more of a cubic style.   My style started to change again and the lines softened and became curves, circles  and ovals.  Then I started interlinking  organic forms  ( such as  faces, eyes, and bodies) along with flattened picture planes drawn with sharp lines. My current work, tends to have between 30 to 60 people and faces interlinked in a single drawing. The faces ,people, and symbols in my work have become a pictorial language.  Due to the  encoded imagery, I have started a series that shows the symbols in singular form so that the viewer can better understand my dream-like automatism style.

The automatic drawing technique gives me a way to create straight from the center of myself. The  alternation, between "automatic drawing" and empathic responses allowed me to develop my current style of drawing. By developing my empathic responses it allows the viewers to better relate to my work.