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Free Computer Programs for Artist

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Free Photo Software



PhotoPlus SE is the free version of Serif's established image editor available for Windows users. For many years, Serif has offered free versions of their software to attract users, but users should note that with PhotoPlus SE, some features and tools are disabled. This is the best of the free photo software available. The export optimizer allows you to adjust size, see how large a file will be before creating the file. The software will convert images into various formats i.e. jpg , png, gif, tiff, and photoshop. It also will do batch resizing and adjustments.


• Free

• Red eye reduction tool

• Comprehensive selection of layer blending modes

• Export optimizer

• Straighten photos and crop to common print sizes

• Adjust levels, curves, brightness, contrast and more

• Paint and blend with artistic brushes

• Import and edit common image file formats

• Repair old and damaged photos




• Some key image adjustment tools disabled

• Dodge and Burn tools disable



The GIMP is arguably the most powerful free photo editor available today. With that comes the Photoshop comparison. Often lauded as the "free Photoshop," the GIMP does offer many features similar to Photoshop, but it has a steep learning curve to match

GIMP is a bitmap/pixel based image manipulation program for photo editing and retouching, and creating images and animations. Photoshop brushes can be used in GIMP





  • Offers basic and advanced image editing and retouching tools - painting, drawing and selection tools, layers and channel support, selection masks, color adjustments, paths, etc.


  •  Features can be extended through the use of plug-ins and scripts. Hundreds of plug-ins are available in the GIMP Plugin Registry.


  •  Supports a huge number of file formats for display and export.


  •  Supports pressure- and tilt-sensitive graphics tablets and many other hardware input devices.


    Free Photoshop Brushes

    Brusheezy is a place to get free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop-related resources. Brusheezy makes it easy to explore thousands of resources created by artists from all over the globe. All the resources are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects.





Free Drawing Software:

If you're already using a pixel-based image editor, you may not see the point of using a vector-based graphics editor also, however vector graphics can be infinitely resized without loss of quality, which can be vital in scenarios such as producing a logo that may have to be printed on a business card and reproduced as the main graphic on a poster.



Serif DrawPlus SE is Serif's entry in the less-crowded market of free vector-based graphics editors. As with other free Serif applications, DrawPlus SE is a cut down version of a paid-for software package and, as such, is lacking a number of features which appear in the menus and toolbars, but don't actually function.Despite those missing features, DrawPlus SE does offer enough power to serve as a good introduction to vector-based graphics editors and can be a useful tool for home users seeking a vector application to complement their favorite pixel-based graphics editor and desktop publishing software



Inkscapeis the open source community's alternative to Adobe Illustrator, the accepted industry standard tool for the production of vector-based graphics. Inkscape is a generally credible alternative for anyone whose budget can't stretch to Illustrator, although with a couple of limitations. Inkscape cannot be used to edit photos. Inkscape has an impressive tool and feature set, including:



• Clear and user-friendly interface

• Learning curve could be shallow or relatively steep depending on the user's requirements

• 3D Boxes tool allows quick drawing and editing of boxes with perspective

• Bezier Curves tool allows the drawing of complex shapes

• Powerful path options to allow production of complex shapes through combining paths

• Layer transparency effects

• Apply Gaussian Blur to objects

• Save files in several important formats including the open SVG standard, EPS, PDF and PostScript

• Effects menu to automatically produce useful and unusual elements to use in designs


Shotguns, sundaes and segregation: Gordon Parks stunning photos of families in 1950s Alabama provide a poignant and unique look at life during the civil-rights era

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  • A collection of photos by famed American cameraman Gordon Parks will go on display at the High Museum of Art starting Saturday
  • 20 of the photos are taken from his September 1956 Life magazine photo-essay The Restraints: Open and Hidden
  • The 20 additional prints that have been added were discovered by his estate in 2012, six years after he passed away

Gordon Parks: Segregation Story, a collection of his photographs, will show at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia beginning this Saturday.

Rediscovered in 2012, six years after he died of cancer, these photos take a look at life in Alabama in the 1950s through the lens of three different families. 

The photos were originally shot on assignment for the September 1956 Life magazine photo-essay The Restraints: Open and Hidden

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia will be showing a collection of photographs by famed American cameraman Gordon Parks

Parks followed three families – the Thorntons, the Causeys and the Tanners – in their work, home and church lives near Mobile, Alabama

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While only 20 photos ran in the original Life photo-essay, the exhibit will feature 40 of Parks' shots from the series


The photographs were taken while on assignment for the September 1956 Life magazine photo-essay The Restraints: Open and Hidden.

The series represents one of Parks' earliest social documentary studies on color film


He would later go on to shoot famous subjects including Malcolm X, Barbara Streissand and Muhammad Ali for Life, working with the magazine for 20 years.


He also became one of the first African-Americans to ever shoot for Vogue.